by MAC


Right now I should be writing about Roland Garros but this week we heard the dreadful news of the death of our friend Elise. It is impossible to detail the importance of Elise to our site.

Without her input and support when our original host removed the site we would not exist today. She has been my right hand woman on Vamos Brigade ever since.

She was an integral part of Vamos Brigade, a friend and brilliant colleague without whom I could not have maintained our message board.

She dealt with trolls with efficiency and treated friends with love and courtesy.

Most of us were unaware of the high esteem in which she was held by work colleagues. Here is a tribute from one of them - Jules Polonetsky.

To us, though, she was best known for her fierce support of Rafa. We will never forget her avatar and its wording.

Rafael Nadal
"Never, ever, under any
circumstances, on any surface,
underestimate Rafael Nadal."

She will be sorely missed by all of us.