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By MAC with translations by nou.amic

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It's taken many years and an inordinate amount of paper shuffling but on August 8th the approval was finally given for the building of the Rafael Nadal Es Centre Tennis & Padel in Manacor.

On Monday August 11th Rafa presented the plans to the media.

nou.amic translated articles from DiariodeMallorca and ultimahora.es to give us the following clarification.

On Monday, at the municipal sports complex in Manacor, Rafael Nadal presented the installations for what will be the embryo or seed of the future Rafael Nadal International Tennis Centre, which he is to finance himself. The new initiative he presented to the press yesterday is to be called Es Centre Tennis & Padel.

Nadal explained that Es Centre will be a tennis school and social club for children from Manacor itself, the Manacor region and all Mallorca, and that it is to be located in the town's existingCentre de Tecnificació, beside the Torre dels Enagistes municipal sports complex, but in a new building and with alterations & reforms being made to the courts. 

The new school will be for boys and girls of five and over and Rafael's uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, will be the centre's sports consultant/supervisor, his close friend, former ATP player turned coach, Tomeu Salvà, its sports director, and Mª del Mar Muñoz the educational director. 

"We want to set up a school that teaches values as well as how to play tennis, padel and squash," he said. He emphasized that the objective, naturally, is to produce the best tennis players possible but, at the same time, he is intent on fomenting good human values.

There will be a total of 19 courts: 3 claycourts, 4 hardcourts, 6 padel courts, 2 squash courts, 4 covered mini-tennis courts for beginners, and an indoor tennis court, "an advantage when winter comes round," said the tennis player. It is envisaged that the centre will start up in September (the inscription is already open https://twitter.com/es_centre ), while the reforms will be completed by the end of the year.

As regards the future Rafael Nadal International Tennis Centre, which will be built beside the Torre dels Enagistes municipal sports complex in Manacor, next to the Centre de Tecnificació which is being reformed for the Es Centre Tennis & Padel, Nadal admitted it was "something big" he was really looking forward to now the Balearic Government had authorized the building work following Manacor Town Council's approval of the plans.

"Obviously I'm excited about it and I believe and expect it to be something positive for Manacor, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. We're going to try to get people to come here from all over the world and to make it a tennis centre that's a reference for others, and the only way to do that is to do things well, work well, design a suitable programme, one of quality, I think we're going to have the appropriate people to make that happen."